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Pulmonary Rehabilitation



The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center is an individually tailored and integrated team effort, which, through accurate diagnosis, exercise therapy, and patient education, is directed at providing the patient with the ability to cope with a respiratory disability. The primary goals of the program are to enhance patient knowledge and to improve functional capacity and quality of life through education and prescribed exercise.




Services at the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center are provided by:

Pulmonary medical specialist

Registered physical therapists

Registered dieticians

Consultations available from medical social workers

Each patient undergoes a thorough screening process to determine eligibility. Individualized goals are established for each patient to direct the course of treatment.  Upon completion of the program, each participant is re-evaluated by the pulmonary physician and a complete summation of all tests, prescriptions and patient progress is sent to the patient’s personal physician.

Upon admission, each patient is scheduled for 24 sessions for an 8 to 12 week program, 2 or 3 visits per week.  These sessions are held in the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center located on the first floor of the hospital.

After completion of the initial eight-week program, each patient will have an opportunity to continue our maintenance program. Maintenance is available twice a week and is not covered by insurance. There is a nominal fee for the use of the equipment.

Insurance: Good Samaritan is a participating provider for most managed care plans (HMOs, PPOs, etc.) and insurance companies. Simply ask your physician for a referral.

Services provided by the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center:

  • Medical evaluation and follow-up by Board Certified Pulmonary Physicians
  • Complete Pulmonary Function studies
  • Chest X-ray
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Diagnostic Laboratory Studies
  • Exercise Tolerance Test conducted to establish safe exercise levels and baseline activities
  • Supervised cardiac-monitored exercise modalities: treadmill, cycle ergometry, arm ergometry, weight training

The primary goals of this outpatient program are to enhance patient knowledge and improve functional capacity and quality of life through education and prescribed exercises.

Pulmonary Function Laboratory

The pulmonary function laboratory utilizes state-of-the-art equipment for the diagnosis of lung diseases including asthma, emphysema and other pulmonary problems.

Included with in the scope of the laboratory is testing focused on exercise-induced asthma within the pediatric population. Information and scheduling for these tests can be obtained by calling (631) 376-4108.

For further information, click here or call the Physician and Health Referral Line at (631) 376-4444.

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